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Innovative pump and valve systems make an important contribution to preserving our environment. They keep the seas and air clean or improve the energy efficiency of systems. Three examples of KSB products which work in the interests of the environment.

Butterfly valves of the KE type series are used in exhaust gas scrubbing systems on ships.

KSB valves clean exhaust gases from ships’ engines

Cruise ships, tankers, giant container vessels – global shipping operations burn fossil fuels and generate substantial emissions. Stricter international emissions limits are intended to make ships cleaner. One technical solution is cleaning exhaust gas with scrubber systems. KSB supplies different types of butterfly valves for this process. Worldwide, around 70,000 commercial vessels have to comply with exhaust gas standards.

LUVAc boiler feed pump for use in solar power plants

KSB pumps find use in solar thermal power plants

Solar power plants use mirrors to focus sunlight and heat liquid which is used to generate electricity via turbines. At the Ivanpah solar thermal power plant in the Californian desert, more than 300,000 mirrors concentrate solar radiation onto three solar towers. The electricity generated can supply around 140,000 households. The system employs six boiler feed pumps from KSB to transport the liquid to be heated. They must be able to withstand high pressures and temperatures.

Movitec high-pressure pump with KSB SuPremE® high-efficiency motor and PumpDrive variable speed

High-efficiency motors from KSB deliver a double dose of environmental protection.

Agriculture requires water in large quantities – and irrigation systems generally employ pumps. In combination with a high-efficiency motor and an automatic variable speed system from KSB, pump sets can be extremely energy-efficient and consume very little electricity. In addition, their motors do not contain magnetic materials such as rare earths.

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